Trinity Lutheran Church is a community of real people who journey through life together. We are passionate about the mission God has given us to bring His love to all people. Our team is committed to creating a welcoming and Christ centered environment of ministry and church community to reach the greater Carver Area.


Current Job Openings:

Musician: We are seeking a pianist that can read music and play both hymns and contemporary music. It would be helpful if pianist can read from both piano music as well as lead sheets and chord charts. Although not essential, a familiarity with Lutheran Service Book liturgies would be beneficial. Trinity needs a pianist every Sunday morning in addition to Advent and Lenten services (Wednesday evenings during Advent and Lent) and other seasonal worship services. Two or three pianists could split up the responsibilities but our preference is to have one or two people regularly playing. Funerals and other extra worship services pay extra.

We currently have all of our other paid positions filled. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the office at 952-448-3628 or at office@trinitycarver.com.